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Questioning Veterinary Forced Vaccination - Meet Dr. John Robb, DVM

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Dr. John Robb

A few weeks ago, a listener in California, who understands that vaccines are damaging and do not do what they claim, asked me if there was anything she could do to save her dog from being forced to get the rabies shot. Wanting to be a responsible citizen, she had licensed her dog and was therefore now being told the vaccine was required. I hadn't thought as much about forced vaccination for animals as for humans, but realized it is a high priority subject, as animals are valued members of many people's families and need our protection.

I was aware that many animals have been killed or injured by vaccines, and that animal vaccines are full of poisons, just like the ones given to humans. I called some vets around where the listener lived in Southern California, and learned that the rabies vaccine was being promoted as free of mercury. Being familiar with how medical vaccines are advertised, I suspected two things right away: it was probably not really free of mercury, and that it was most likely full of aluminum and all kinds of other toxins and contaminants. Making dogs sick for life means much more money for the veterinary industry, just like it does with the human medical industry, which damages human patients with toxic drugs and vaccines known by the deceptive title of "medicine."

To find out exactly what was in the rabies vaccine, I figured I could just call the manufacturer and ask for their equivalent of a "package insert," the document all human patients should read to find out what is in vaccines for humans. I called the manufacturer, who was willing to confirm my suspicion that the rabies vaccine contains a high amount of aluminum. I knew that was only the tip of the iceberg of toxic ingredients, but was in for a surprise: all the other ingredients are secret! Apparently, the legislators that mandate this injection have no problem with not knowing what is being injected. Are they insane, or just controlled by blackmail and bribes? Maybe both? This is a massive crime against animals and their owners, and few people see anything wrong.

I started calling other vets, including those claiming to be holistic. I found one in particular in Connecticut, Dr. John Robb, DVM (www.protectthepets.com) , who has been trying to at least get the required dosage of the rabies shot reduced. For that, he has been attacked, demonized, smeared, arrested and more, yet he continues to work for a new kind of veterinary care in which animals are actually cared for. I thought it would be great to get him on our show, and that's going to happen this Sunday. I hope you can be there with me, to learn more about what he has gone through, and his vision for how things can be in years to come.

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Regaining and maintaining our normal state of good health on all levels includes many of those almost-lost arts that we can still re-learn. Most of the problems of the physical body can be addressed when those arts are remembered. Their wider application in everyday life recaptures emotional, mental and spiritual levels of health as well. Lost Arts Radio will look at those ancient and timeless perspectives on health that can be of use in our current world, and the very different view of life and reality that made those understandings possible.

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Lost Arts Radio, in addition to exploring the ancient wisdom of health and healing, will look at other lost arts and the people keeping them alive. Interviews of some of these people on air will give a direct glimpse into the beauty they are adding to our world through their life and work in areas we may have forgotten or never known. You will also hear from courageous individuals who are helping to spread awareness of threats and solutions related to our health and well-being. Their work can help us avoid or minimize damage from these dangers by understanding them and knowing the remedies, options and alternatives. Our weekly show will also feature guests who, in their own ways, are keeping the vanishing arts essential to humanity from disappearing from our planet, and may be coming back into common experience if together we can turn the course of world events in a positive direction.

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