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10/2/16 - Dr. Bill Warner: What Is Sharia Law?

Dr. Bill Warner

This Sunday, Dr. Bill Warner (www.politicalislam.com) returns to Lost Arts Radio to give us our third lesson on Islam, so that we can better understand its history and current impact on the world, and on the lives of both Muslims and non-Muslims, or "Kafirs" as they are known in Muslim scriptures. If you missed the first two discussions in this series, I urge you to listen to them first when you get time, and then hear the one Dr. Warner will present Sunday evening. Islam is playing a huge role in the world, particularly today as mass migration, primarily of Muslims, takes place into western Europe and America, with major political and social implications. There is no question that this is a huge health issue on many levels, not only physical.

As censorship in America ramps up, Lost Arts Radio is making an attempt to help fill in some of the gaps in information and understanding that occur when most of what we hear comes from media that is owned and controlled by only a few giant global corporations. Our series on the raw vegan approach to health with Dr. Cousens is now nearing its end, but it has set a pattern that we will be following with many other areas of health-related information. This series on Islam will help many people check what they have heard about Islam from other sources, against what comes direct from its primary source scriptures. The more we know about what is going on in the world around us and all the various approaches to life, the better informed decisions we are able to make for ourselves, and that affects others around us in a positive way.

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The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book One, Part 1

The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book One, Part 2

Special Announcement From Host Richard Sacks

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What Are The Lost Arts?

The lost arts are all parts of the larger overall art of living in harmony with nature and with all life, within and outside of ourselves. The detail of many of them is gone beyond recall now, until the consciousness that made them originally available returns to our awareness. There are some though, that are just now on their final way out of our world. They are the basic ways of life based on beauty, harmony and deeper experiential understanding.

Regaining and maintaining our normal state of good health on all levels includes many of those almost-lost arts that we can still re-learn. Most of the problems of the physical body can be addressed when those arts are remembered. Their wider application in everyday life recaptures emotional, mental and spiritual levels of health as well. Lost Arts Radio will look at those ancient and timeless perspectives on health that can be of use in our current world, and the very different view of life and reality that made those understandings possible.

On a more mundane level, we can also see that basic arts and crafts of survival and beautification of life that were once widespread are now endangered as well. Sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and related ideas of the modern world, many basic skills like production of clothing, shoes, tools, pottery, glassware, even the growing of health-giving food, have come close to disappearing from the individual or small business domain, though there are still many individuals among us keeping them alive. When we become dependent on high-tech solutions, whether for health or for other basics of life, our security and self-reliance begin to disappear and we become easy prey for those that would control and direct our lives. Often we hear this is for our safety, convenience, etc., but too often we don't even realize what we have lost.

Lost Arts Radio, in addition to exploring the ancient wisdom of health and healing, will look at other lost arts and the people keeping them alive. Interviews of some of these people on air will give a direct glimpse into the beauty they are adding to our world through their life and work in areas we may have forgotten or never known. You will also hear from courageous individuals who are helping to spread awareness of threats and solutions related to our health and well-being. Their work can help us avoid or minimize damage from these dangers by understanding them and knowing the remedies, options and alternatives. Our weekly show will also feature guests who, in their own ways, are keeping the vanishing arts essential to humanity from disappearing from our planet, and may be coming back into common experience if together we can turn the course of world events in a positive direction.

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