Source: GreenMedInfo Without much more than a whisper from the mainstream media, Monsanto's newest Frankenfood has received full EPA approval and will be arriving on dinner plates by the end of the decade. The implications of this are harrowing, to say the least. While you may not have made up your mind on the dangers of GMOs, you likely feel entitled to know when you're consuming a food that is the product of laboratory research. For this reason, I am reporting on Monsanto's latest food technology, unfortunately, already in the pipeline. And quite silently so. I write this with a certain degree of solemnity, if not also a tinge of regret, because, for three years, I have heard rumblings of Monsanto's next project - RNA interference technology. It was actually the late Heidi Stevenson, my friend, colleague, and founder of the platform Gaia Health, who first alerted me to the dangers of RNA interference-based tinkering with our food supply when she reported on the near disastrous approval of GMO wheat using RNA interference technology in Australia. Thankfully a few brave scientists and informed public stood up and, together, averted the disaster. But since then, both the dangers and the breakneck speed of…
Source: American Policy Center The barbarians have finally broken down the school doors and are now plundering knowledge. Books are their target. Banning them is the goal. In New York City, administrators at the Life Sciences Secondary School have ordered all textbooks rounded up and removed. Books, they say, are antiquated. Instead, technology is to be the new god of learning. Of course the excuse is that books are expensive. The schools complain that the kids lose the books or that they wear out and there is no budget to replace them. And more importantly, using iPads means they can be automatically updated with the latest information, scientific discovery and technology. So the schools need to keep up with all the latest developments to keep the kids on top, they say. It's a wide, wonderful brave new world! Aren't our children lucky to live in these times?  Everything in today's school house is apparently designed for the comfort and ease of the children. No stress. No demands. No expectations. And so the books were piled up in the hallway of the school. Next stop – the trash bin. Most were in good condition, including hundreds of math, algebra, geometry and…
Source: Vaxxter France’s Prime Minister Édouard Philippe has announced that the government will make the 11 vaccines universally recommended by health authorities mandatory from 2018 onward. The announcement comes in response to measles outbreaks across Europe, with 79 cases reported in France in January and February alone. Philippe branded the state of affairs “unacceptable.” France clearly is blaming the anti-vaccine movement on increased cases of measles. According to a recent survey, 3 out of every 10 people in France don’t trust vaccine propaganda. Worse more, only 52% of French people feel that the purported benefits of vaccines outweighed risks associated with vaccines. Italy’s increasingly worrisome situation is creating a hotbed of fear and backlash across Europe. Protests over the mandatory vaccine situation in Italy have been ongoing. France has long been noted as distrustful of vaccines, so this move by the French government is likely a way to subjugate the will of the people. Europe is also seeing an uprising in anti-government protests in concern with immigration laws. Many fear that Italy and France are both allowing too many immigrants to resettle within their borders. And that’s possibly creating more infectious disease spreading.
Source: By: Shawn Siegel We’re told that one of the main reasons to vaccinate is to protect babies and toddlers too young to be vaccinated. This would be true only if vaccines actually protect, and they don’t. In fact, and from so many different perspectives, quite the contrary is true. Most simply, the promise of prevention is empty. Many vaccinated kids develop the diseases after exposure anyway. It’s common to see outbreaks of the infectious illnesses supposedly prevented by vaccination, in which some, or many, sometimes literally all of the kids were vaccinated, the majority of them up to date. Double irony, in such instances the vaccinated go through the normal period of incubation after exposure, during which they’ve yet to develop symptoms, but may be contagious – may be able to spread the infection to their infant siblings. More subtly, the very act of injection of disease antigens alone misdirects the immune system – interferes with the body’s ability to respond properly to future exposures to the respective illnesses. That’s why the FDA found in a 2013 study that kids vaccinated for whooping cough are prone to developing asymptomatic infection after subsequent exposures, morphing them into Trojan horses; into…
Source: Natural Blaze   By Brandon Turbeville Europe’s banana republic is at it again after being given a scare by Germany and Italy, France is making sure that it takes the lead as the most authoritarian communo-fascist country in Europe. This is because a new French law will force all parents to vaccinate their children in 2018. According to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, all vaccines that are universally recommended by health authorities will be compulsory by law. These vaccines are 11 in total. With a whole host of “services” that became “officials” and are now “authorities” it is no difficult task for the French government to monitor who is vaccinated and who is not. Thankfully, for the French government, the country already has a robust police state completely unconcerned with individual rights so enforcing the law will be relatively simple. While French officials are blaming the anti-vax movement for measles deaths in France, they are noticeably silent on the fact that France is coming apart at the seams. An economy on life support, an immigration crisis and tanking living standards are all contributing to lower quality of life and greater social unrest, two things that contribute to increased spread of disease. Still,…
Source: Natural News On the morning of June 30 2017, a federal judge sentenced an Amish man to six years in prison. His crimes: making and selling herbal health products that were not "adequately labeled", and obstructing a federal agency. According to, the farmer, one Samuel A. Girod of Bath County in Kentucky, was convicted last March 13 for growing, manufacturing, and selling herbal supplements without approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Moreover, Girod was also charged for threatening a person who attempted to provide relevant information regarding his illegal activities to a grand jury. Although he was only recently convicted, Girod first gained the attention of the FDA in 2013. Because of the nature of his Bath County business, Girod had been ordered by a federal court in Missouri to stop distributing his products until he allowed the FDA to inspect his operations, among many other conditions. When two FDA agents attempted to inspect Girod's family farm, however, they were barred from entering the premises by Girod and others before they were made to leave. Speaking to those gathered in the Kentucky courthouse, Girod, who chose to represent himself, stated that FDA regulations were not applicable to his products…
Source: Vaccine Impact France Should Reconsider Its Extreme Vaccine Policy by Pavla Karon and Bill WirtzFoundation for Economic Education The French government announced that it might make 11 vaccines compulsory for children, adding to the three already mandatory shots (diphtheria, tetanus, and polio). Under the new jurisdiction, parents would be forced to follow a vaccination schedule including jabs against measles, hepatitis B, meningitis C, rubella, mumps and whooping cough. This change of heart comes after the Conseil d'Etat, France's highest administrative court, ruled in favour of parents who chose not to vaccinate their children, as the three mandatory shots were not available separately, but only in one shot combined with additional vaccines. The former Health Ministry opposed making these three vaccines available for people, which led the court to give the new government 6 months in order to find a solution. Instead of working with the growing number of parents who seek alternatives to the state-prescribed vaccination schedule, the French government might take a different direction and increase the total number of compulsory vaccines. The Ministry of Health also claims that its renewed consideration of the issue is a reaction to an outbreak of rubella in the northeast of France, not mentioning that out…
Source: Vaxxter UFC fighter, Nick Catone, is sounding off on Facebook regarding the "mysterious" and "natural" death of his son. Catone, who says his son would commonly get sick following vaccines, claims to have always held a "feeling" that the Dtap vaccine caused his son's death. His wife and mother of their passed child, is a cardiac nurse of 11 years, also felt uneasy with the passing. His calling out of the system, which he notes can "figure out how people died 3,000 years ago," is gut wrenching. "The more I think about the final results of my sons autopsy report the more pissed off I get. No parent wants to think about it and go through it but we had to for my 3 year old daughter. Then to find out there was no answer "no medical reason" after going through with that is heart wrenching. Your telling me with all the technology today they can't find out why my son unexpectedly passed away. They can find out how people died 3,000 years ago but they can't find out how a little boy did today. Made all his well visits, was growing, had a bigger appetite then my 3…
Source: By Kent Heckenlively, JD The Bolen Report Concerned parents have done all that can be expected to raise an alarm over the health of our children. One in six US children has a learning or behavior problem.  One in ten has asthma.  One in ten has ADHD.  One in thirteen has a food allergy.  One in fifty has autism.  Thirty five hundred children a year die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Seven hundred and fifty thousand children suffer from seizures. All of these problems can be traced to the toxic witches’ brew of vaccines, that recent evidence has shown to be contaminated with unsuspected chemical and biological agents.  As our understanding of science gets better, we now understand that the vaccine program has been an unrestricted experiment in immuno-therapy on our children and they are suffering the consequences. The authorities in charge of our government and science have done NOTHING to stop this crisis. It is time to DEMAND action. We must IMPOSE AN IMMEDIATE FIVE YEAR BAN ON ALL CHILDHOOD VACCINES AND FIX THE LEGAL AND SCIENTIFIC PROBLEMS WHICH HAVE LED TO THIS DISASTER FOR HUMANITY. Yes, I am taking it to the pharmaceutical companies. I…
Source: Vaxxter A new vaccine is now waiting in the wings. After being "succesfully" tested on primates, a new vaccine developed at the Scripps Research Institute, can apparently vaccinate humans against heroin addiction. I'd like to go on record and say that my first empathetic concern goes out to any and all primates that have been subjects of this type of experimentation. Researchers are now looking to move the opioid vaccine into clinical testing phases. The logic supporting the vaccine is that it is supposed to produce antibodies against heroin. The vaccine exposes the immune system to a portion of heroin's moleculer structure. In this way, when someone snorts or injects heroin into their body, fresh antibodies will attack it and cause the heroin's effects to be neutralized. In other words, the vaccine's ambition is to make heroin a less thrilling experience. "This validates our previous rodent data and positions our vaccine in a favorable light for anticipated clinical evaluation," study leader Kim Janda said in a statement. "We believe this vaccine candidate will prove safe for human trials." The goal is to disseminate the vaccine to current heroin addicts. The research is published here: Journal of the American Chemical Society Of…
A note from Richard Sacks: "Apples are a natural superfood. Just make sure they are 100% organic and never buy or eat GMO apples or any other food that contains any GMO ingredients." Source: Jen Reviews Apples are popular not just because of their simple, delicate flavors. While apples are delicious, and can span from very sweet to incredibly tart, they are also incredibly healthy. Apples are loaded with healthy phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Phytonutrients are plant-based compounds that can only be obtained through eating fruits and vegetables. They’re typically very good for your immune system. Vitamins and minerals give structure to our bodies and the systems operating within. Antioxidants help our body function more efficiently and prevent oxidative damage, which is what makes us age. Apples have been hailed for helping heal the body for centuries, but scientific method has only recently been able to extensively study the fruit. Many of the most important claims made about apples turned out to be true. Apples can help with anything from repairing damaged tissues that can impair strength or vision, to maintaining a proper electrical current to the brain so it can communicate effectively. A particular nutrient of interest in apples is…
Source: By Dr. Mercola Anxiety is the new depression, with more than half of all American college students reporting anxiety.1 Recent research2 shows anxiety — characterized by constant and overwhelming worry and fear — is now 800 percent more prevalent than all forms of cancer. A 2016 report3 by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State confirmed the trend, finding anxiety and depression are the most common concerns among college students who seek counseling.4 Data from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests the prevalence of anxiety disorders in the U.S. may be as high as 40 million, or about 18 percent of the population over the age of 18, making it the most common mental illness in the nation.5,6 Fortunately, there are many treatment options available, and some of the most effective treatments are also among the safest and least expensive, and don't involve drugs. Anxiety — A Medical Condition Driven by Sociological Conditions? Commenting on the featured video, Huffington Post writes:7 "A person with high functioning anxiety can look calm on the surface, but underneath that practiced veneer, their thoughts are churning. That's the message behind a new video from 'The Mighty,' in which a young woman describes the experience of living…
Source: Vaccine Impact Aniya smiling with her mother shortly before she was taken from her mother. Photo provided by the family. by Health Impact News/ Staff Doctors call it a "medication administration error." During a routine check-up at her pediatrician's office, 4-month old Aniya was accidentally given the Gardasil 9 vaccine, and she hasn't been the same since. Anita Vasquez of Victoria, Texas, herself a nurse, says that "doctors are in denial" that any of the medical issues that began after her daughter received the shot are related to the vaccine. Aniya was a happy and healthy breastfed baby before her 4-month doctor visit. Her only illness was an ear infection which had been cleared up with antibiotics shortly before that fateful day of December 29, 2016. Since then, she has suffered numerous health issues and several hospitalizations. Rather than acknowledge the possibility that the Gardasil 9 vaccine contributed to the decline in Aniya's health, doctors and Child Protective Services have reportedly blamed the mother. Her desperate search for answers has led instead to her being accused of Munchausen by Proxy, or "medical child abuse," and her baby has been seized by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). Anita told Health…
Source: GreenMedInfo Recently, a disturbing study was published on the leading class of ulcer medication. The study found that proton pump inhibitors erode your mind while suppressing gastric symptoms in your body. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) include popular drugs like Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid. They are used for ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux syndrome and indigestion because they lower the amount of acid produced in the stomach. But that's a problem, because stomach acid is crucial for digestion and for protecting you from food-borne and environmental bacteria, viruses and other microbes that can cause infection. In the past, they have been associated with several problems, including increasing your risk of pneumonia (World J Gastrointest Pharmacol Ther 2011;2:17-26; Expert Rev Clin Pharmacol 2012;5:337- 44), interfering with calcium absorption (Am J Med 2005;118:778-81) and causing vitamin B12 deficiency. But this new study of 73,679 people who did not have dementia when the study started found that the ones who took PPIs had a 44% increased risk of dementia compared to the ones who weren't taking the drug (JAMA Neurol 2016; doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2015.4791). This is not the first time an ulcer medication has been linked to dementia. An earlier study found that continuous use of the histamine-2 receptor antagonists, like Pepcid, Zantac and…
Source: Natural News In a significant victory for consumer safety — and a devastating blow to Monsanto — California's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has declared that glyphosate weed killer is a known, cancer-causing carcinogen that will be added to the scope of Proposition 65. Glyphosate weed killer, also sold under the Roundup brand name by Monsanto, is identified by California under CAS #107-83-6, which lists "cancer" as a known endpoint, and invokes "LC" (Labor Code) as the justification for the categorization. "The listing is the latest legal setback for the seeds and chemicals company, which has faced increasing litigation over glyphosate since the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer said that it is "probably carcinogenic" in a controversial ruling in 2015," reports Reuters, which has a pro-GMO bias. "Dicamba, a weed killer designed for use with Monsanto's next generation of biotech crops, is under scrutiny in Arkansas after the state's plant board voted last week to ban the chemical," Reuters added. Beginning July 7th, retailers in California must add cancer warning labels to glyphosate products. Unfortunately, cancer warnings will not be required on foods sprayed with glyphosate or grocery products saturated with the cancer-causing herbicide. Many non-GMO…
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