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Instant Quiz: Which of these issues is the most urgent?

  1. Geoengineering/Chemtrails

  2. GMO's/Chemical Agriculture

  3. Nuclear Power/Nuclear Weapons

  4. Drug Medicine/Vaccines/Health Freedom/Medical Kidnapping

  5. Microwave Radiation

  6. Agenda 21/Smart Grid

  7. Central Banks/Globalization

  8. Weaponized Fake Media/Hollywood Programming

  9. Fake "Educational" System/Losing Parental Rights

  10. Fake "Science"

  11. Terrorism/Terrorist "Refugees"

  12. Other: ______________________________

Question: What do you notice about this list? Can you see these issues are related? How are they connected?

Note: If you're not already familiar with how the real power structure operates, some of the answers may seem impossible, but they come from decades of my own research, corroborated by other sources.

Many people working on these problems do not understand: all these issues arise from the same source. The top level of global rulers are engineering societies world-wide, to self-destruct. They are using items 1-12 and much more, to accomplish their ultimate goal. It is a program so coordinated, so meticulously designed, it is far more comprehensive than what most "conspiracy theorists" imagine. Virtually all the governments, non-governmental agencies (NGO's) and major private corporations on Earth, now work together to carry out a unified Agenda.

Only the highest-level rulers really know where this is going. At that level, it is not about money. It is not even about "population control," though that is a step along the way. In the end, it is about extermination of all life on this planet. When this is understood, all the items in the list, 1-12, make sense.

In fact, when this is really understood, the idea of us hating each other, or fighting with each other about any of our supposed differences, becomes clearly ridiculous, a waste of our precious energy and time. We need to cooperate for our common interests and those of all humanity, who just want the chance to live a healthy and happy life.

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The Crazy "Elite" Outlook On Life

If you're not familiar with the agenda to wipe out all life on Earth, you might be asking, "wait a minute, why would those who rule us want to kill their own planet? Don't they need a place to live?" But remember, we're not dealing with normal, sane people, when we talk about the highest level global controllers. This is hard for many people to imagine, but for them, it is more of a religious issue. They believe the dark god they serve is pleased with pain, death and destruction to the maximum extent possible. Their god demands "sacrifice" in order to please him. You may have heard of the idea that killing an innocent animal or person (the more innocent the better of course) results in the person who does the killing getting great spiritual benefit, such as the removal of "sins" that would otherwise require punishment. The killing makes the punishment unnecessary.

So, these people figure the best of all sacrifices would be to kill all life on the planet, not just an innocent animal or human. That way they can get the ultimate reward of becoming immortal and merging into cyberspace to be with their god forever. Sorry if it sounds a bit insane, they really believe that. On the lower levels of power, it's about money and domination over others, prestige and titles, stuff like that. But on the higher levels, where this is coming from, it's not about money at all. The money game is used by the top controllers to direct the lower levels, and at the same time to keep the general population enslaved and constantly busy trying to survive while we are slowly killed.

Why slowly? Obviously, the technology exists now in the hands of the global rulers to exterminate all of us immediately. And they are not doing that. Yet the irreversible damage they are doing to the life-support systems of the planet is a clear indication they intend to destroy it all. In a properly performed ceremonial sacrifice, each step, each announcement of the plan to the victim, each milestone, is important. If they do it right, they get the reward. If not, it's all for nothing. They intend to do it right.

How Do We Overcome Such Powerful, Coordinated Evil?

Just so you know, fighting this by force is not realistic. That is the tactic they want us to use, so they have an excuse to try out their advanced weapons on us, and it will be "justified," because we were using force. But there is another way, far more powerful, one we are never supposed to discover, one they are most afraid we might someday find. When we do, their game of pain and death is over. That's what this message is all about. I had to get it into your hands. Now let me give you some more of the details, so you can see what I'm suggesting.

We are beings of consciousness, of pure, formless spirit, living at the present time in physical bodies, in order to learn deeper lessons and have certain experiences that require physical form. We each use "Mind" to interface with the physical world so we can have these experiences. Mind has access to all information about this world and all the life forms in it. Mind is a powerful ally. But if Mind gets off track, it projects "programs" that we take as reality, and we lose all awareness of who we really are.

When that happens, we start identifying ourselves as small, helpless, limited beings, living in fear, seeing each other as possible enemies. This is exactly where our rulers want us to stay. As long as we keep living in fear, unaware of who we really are and what our forgotten abilities might be, hating and fighting each other, that allows our rulers to keep going with their agenda to destroy us, and we'll never even understand what is really going on.

How To Solve The Mind Problem

Now what would happen if we repair our relationship with Mind so it no longer misleads us, but works for our benefit, respecting who we really are. What people call "ego," the fake identity we take on that wants to show how great it is, fight with others, get easily offended, and other such nonsense, that ego is just a complex of programs being projected by Mind, it was never us. There is a way to drop it. Along with my holistic health and age-reversal research over the last 50+ years, I've been working toward that. If you're willing to do the work, I can show you how to do it.

Doing that becomes a step toward getting the power to reverse the agenda of destruction taking place on this planet. But it's not the whole picture. You don't just have to adopt a new way of dealing with Mind. There is another relationship you have to heal. The one between you, and a second child" you forgot you had (the first one being Mind). I'm talking about your body.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Your Other Forgotten Child

Remember I said we are beings of Spirit, just living in physical form for certain experiences and lessons. To make this work requires a physical body. Somewhere, the owner's manual we needed to take proper care of this incredible vehicle got lost. Or at least our ability to read it got lost. So most of us have been abusing it in many ways our entire lives. One of the big problems in us understanding what the body really is and how it works is, we have forgotten the body is actually a self-aware, conscious being, capable of communication with us. We are far from that understanding, but more on that later.

Not knowing how to communicate with or take care of our body has resulted in a lot of sickness, suffering, diseases, and something you might have heard of, it's called "aging." All of these things are abnormal, avoidable, reversible to a great extent. But you have to know how. The modern medical industry is not going to tell you. They want you on drugs, cutting up your body with expensive often unnecessary surgeries, undergoing painful destructive and invasive "procedures." Your problems are blamed on germs, genetics or age, and you never get the truth. I'll tell you the truth. It's forbidden information that is violently suppressed in our country and most of the world now, but staying silent out of fear is not a good plan. If you're willing to hear it, you deserve to know.

Why Am I Doing Any Of This – What's My Hidden Agenda?

You also deserve to know my motive, why, as a holistic health research scientist, I would risk my life to tell you things that have caused the murder of about 80 holistic doctors in just the last couple of years. They revealed only a tiny fraction of what I intend to share with you, and still they were killed. Because it would not be convenient for the power structure that you would find out almost all the "health care" being given to us now at very high prices is not just unnecessary, it's killing us. There are safe alternatives that don't have deadly "side effects" and will help you in many ways. There are forgotten or suppressed laws of nature, and if you understand what they are, you can use them. The power to help your body heal many of its own problems is in your hands, you're just not supposed to know. I don't know all of it, what remains to be learned is still ahead of us and is always vast, compared to what we know. But what I have learned in more than five decades adapting ancient knowledge to our modern circumstances, I will share with you.

Now, back to my real motive for all this. I want you to get over your health problems as much as you can, start feeling great compared to how you've felt up to now, and then use the energy this gives you, to do the real work I have in mind. That work will help your health too, but it will do much more than that. It's all about frequency.

The Effect Of Frequencies

You see, those who know about the dangers of wi-fi and other forms of microwave radiation, like the energy coming out of cell towers, "smart" meters, radar stations, routers and other kinds of wireless technology, are aware that radiation put out by these devices can be extremely damaging to humans and other life forms. But that is only one side of the picture. There is also a natural, healing frequency, coming out of the Earth itself, called the Schumann Resonance. Our bodies are designed to operate in harmony with that frequency. But we are also designed to receive and transmit other healing frequencies. Some of these are very strong. I am getting into areas now, that are strictly forbidden for you to know about. Why? Because they could turn things on this planet around.

My real motive is to share with you what I have learned in the area of positive, healing frequencies that you can learn to generate with no technologies. All it takes is for you to be willing to do the work in your own consciousness, and I'll show you how. A small number of us willing to do what it takes to learn that skill and develop it, we can change things on this planet in ways you probably would not believe. Time is passing, the global controllers are moving ahead with their plans to destroy us and our world. It's not the time for us to be distracted by things that won't help us. We need a way to turn things around for the better. And this way has advantages. No equipment to buy. You can learn to do it while you are living your normal life in the world. No one except those who are very perceptive will have any idea you are doing this. But you will be doing the work of an angel in human form, whether anyone knows it or not.

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The Next Level Work For Lost Arts Radio

Up to now, I have been talking about these concepts on the Saturday night interactive show for Lost Arts Radio. I have also mentioned that the larger plan includes building a school, where these things can be demonstrated and experienced. A small number of people picked up these principles and techniques on the radio show, and some of those people's lives were transformed in amazing ways. Now it is time to make this knowledge known to a much larger audience. There are two reasons we need to do that now.

One reason is that doing this work will only appeal to certain people. Many will see it as imaginary, not possible, or maybe they will see it as real but they won't be willing to change the habits they've been attached to for so many years. So, if we reach a very large audience, a small percentage of those people will want to do the work, and we will end up with a big enough team to use the frequency tools, for a big impact on the situation in our world. For those people already working on any one of the issues in our original list at the beginning of this talk, I should let you know that doing this work on yourself will make you massively more effective in the work you are doing now. It's a critical crossroads time in the world. This project needs to be done as soon as possible.

A second reason is, it is time to build the school. People are telling me, and I agree with them, that this facility is needed, and it is needed now. In spite of the repressive environment in the U.S., where real health information is not allowed to be given to the public, I think helping America would help the world, and there is at least some memory of individual freedom in America that could be brought back to life if we each do our part. I have been talking to potential investors for the school, and they have made it clear to me that taking money from them will compromise the purity of this project, and therefore its results. I can't take their money, as if there is any loss of integrity in this work, it will all be for nothing.

A Purer Way To Fund Our School

I thought, rather than look for a large investor to fund the school, why not integrate raising the money with teaching the frequency work, but at a very low cost that pretty much anyone could afford with no stress at all. My private consulting to help people with health and consciousness work is too expensive for most people, and I don't have time for those appointments very often anyway. To really make these major consciousness changes, constant support sessions are needed. Here's my suggestion that could solve all these things at once.

Starting in January 2018, let's change the Saturday night Lost Arts Radio program over to a full video platform, pay the bandwidth and other costs of the new platform, and make it available to anyone that will donate $10 a month to our non-profit organization. The money will go toward our ongoing research, and to build the school without the need of outside, "strings-attached" money from investors who have agendas and values different from ours. We would need to reach a very large number of people to make this work, but if it's meant to happen, if you all help me with your social media networks and other connections, that could be done in a short time.

The new version of the Saturday show will be hard core practical information you can use for physical health and the frequency work I talked about. Also, we will have a bit more freedom to talk about some of the more sensitive issues, as the show will only be open to "members," who donate $10 or more monthly (larger donations gratefully accepted and will help us get there faster), and that puts us in a private contract scenario where this information is not being broadcast to the general public. Members will have full access to all the archived video shows, so there's no problem for people in parts of the world where it's hard to listen at our show times (9pm EST / 6pm PST). Questions will be taken from the audience during the live shows, and those who can't listen live can post questions to the Lost Arts Radio Facebook Group, to be discussed on the next weekly show.

You're Invited

So there's my plan, and my invitation to you. Become a member of Planetary Healing Club by clicking the join/donate button below (specify $10 or higher amount per month), you'll get access to the weekly video interactive show, full of members-only information every week. The new show, in full video format, will also be a source of support for those actually doing the work we talk about every week. You can become part of the team to change the frequency on this planet, not just on an imaginary level, but learn how to do it for real. At the same time, be a part of helping us continue this deep level research work and build the school without needing to rely on outside money with strings attached that we cannot accept. Money goes to Lost Arts Research Institute, and anyone making a donation, especially in larger amounts, can request tax deduction paperwork (receipt for non-profit donation) from me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I'm personally inviting you to be part of this ground-breaking movement. Learn how to transform your physical health, your state of mind, your energy level, your enjoyment of life, starting today. I'm inviting everyone working on any of the big issues, from geoengineering to GMO's to EMF, to work together in harmony with each other, and join us in addressing and reversing the root cause of the problem while continuing the important work you're already doing now. Become a member of Planetary Healing Club now, get information and new skills that you can use to dramatically raise your effectiveness in all parts of your life, and be part of the solution that is so urgently needed to help yourself and the rest of humanity at the same time.

Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and private health consultant


By clicking on the "register" button above in the amount of $10 or more per month to Lost Arts Research Institute (cancel at any time), I agree to the following terms. I will become a member of Planetary Healing Club, for as long as my monthly donations of $10 or more continue. As a reward for being a club member, I will have access to all live video presentations of the Lost Arts Radio Saturday interactive show, and all archives of the show. I will receive information that is for members only. I understand that none of this information is to be construed as medical advice, diagnosis or suggested treatment of any condition or disease, but is for informational and discussion purposes only. How or if I use any such information is solely my own responsibility. For medical advice, diagnosis or treatment I will contact my own medical professional.

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